One of the three species of animals in the world of Survival: Finale, Deers are a valuable asset in any stable civilization.

Nutritional valueEdit

Appears to give 40 Hunger (Actual Value must be confirmed) , and 0 Thirst. This will place Deer in #1 place in terms of Nutritional Value.


As for the present moment, Deer appears to only on Spawn, or Mainland.

Preperational ProcessEdit

Deer must first be hunted to death. Then, a skinning knife must skin the carcass, to place both Deerhide and Raw Deermeat in the Player's Inventory. The Deerhide must be thrown away. The meat is then cooked in either a Campfire or Furnace. (For culinary purposes we shall call the Furnace an Oven)


Intrestingly, Deers have the ability to communicate.

There is only 1 communication process currently, the Flee Signal.

1. The hunter pulls out a weapon
2. Upon nearing 10 studs of the Deer, the Deer will run toward the nearest Deer.
3. The first Deer will run in a random diretion, while the second deer will run toward another Deer.
4. Process repeats till every Deer has been Contacted.