Chickens are prized mostly in its ability to mass quality food, and in fact 2 kinds of food, Chicken and Eggs, very quickly.

Nutritional ValueEdit

Chickens have in fact unimpressive Nutritional Value. Providing only 10 Hunger and 0 Thirst, hunting is not very good use of the Durability of your Tools.


Chickens, appear only on Cluck, for the time being.

Preperational ProcessEdit

Chicken must first be hunted to death. Then, a skinning knife must skin the carcass, to place both Feathers and Raw Chicken in the Player's Inventory. The Feathers must be thrown away. The meat is then cooked in either a Campfire or Furnace. (For culinary purposes we shall call the Furnace an Oven)


Intrestingly, Chicken have the ability to communicate.

There is only 1 communication process currently, the Flee Signal.

1. The hunter pulls out a weapon

2. Upon nearing 10 studs of the Chicken, the Chicken will run toward the nearest Chicken.

3. The first Chicken will run in a random diretion, while the second chicken will run toward another Chicken.

4. Process repeats till every Chicken has been Contacted.